The first pickles

Last Sunday, I realized that I had enough Mexican Gherkins and Parisian Pickling Cucumbers to make my first small batch. The Parisian Pickling cukes are producing steadily, but not really prolifically – making it hard to time pickling sessions because you want to be able to make as much as possible. I ended up composting two or three of them because they were the only ones that were ready to be picked and eventually they got too big while I was waiting for some of the smaller cukes to ripen. Oh well, at least now we have a compost pile.

The Mexican Gherkins just don’t quit, but because of their small size they simply don’t take up much space in a jar. Plus…well, in order for them to make it into my kitchen and get turned into pickles, they need to last longer than they have been. I tend to “graze” while I’m out in the garden and this often includes a handful of the sweet, crunchy cucumbers so handily growing on the cabbage frame ;).

So, to save some time, water, and energy, I used our large stockpot for a water bath. It’s about 50% smaller than my enamel pot, and the whole process was easier.

I was too impatient to see how the Mexican Gherkin pickles turned out, so I popped open a jar yesterday after only giving them a week. Oh wow – these little pickles are amazing! if you are growing Mexican Gherkins and looking for something different to do with them other than munch on them or put them on salads, pickle them! They’re a treat, for sure.


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