An Unfortunate Incident

Sometime around the end of August, a big tree branch dropped from our Elm tree and fell right smack in the middle of one of my Three Sisters gardens. It took out a few stalks of Strawberry popcorn and some pole bean plants, and bent the gourd frame all out of shape.

However, there was a silver lining: while cleaning up the damaged plants, I noticed that the Rattlesnake Pole beans had started producing:

It was good motivation to gear up for a weekend of pickling – more on that later.

It was also a somber reminder that we are going to need to take that tree down someday sooner than later. We have a love-hate relationship with it – it’s such a beautiful old tree and provides habitat for lots of birds. However, it shades a lot of the garden, and it’s growing right next to both the house and the garage. I wish we could somehow transfer it to the back of our long yard!


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