Westward Roving

Another fun thing we did last month was take a weekend camping trip out to Governor Dodge State Park. We went there last year for our anniversary, and really enjoyed the park and exploring the Driftless region. However, this time, we brought some company – almost everyone in our house church joined us! The adventure involved three campsites, seven or eight tents, and lots of amazing food.

Of course, the best part of camping, especially with groups of people, is the evening campfire shenanigans:

I’ll spare you the details.

And then this happened on the ride home:


Being serious for a moment…I have to say how different my life is since decided to “do church” in this manner. Being more of an introverted person, it’s always been really really hard for me to feel comfortable in groups, even groups that were small. I mean, I’ve shared all of this before. What really struck me about spending a weekend crammed into tents and around campfires with these people was how comfortable I felt with them, and how walking on this journey together has actually helped me be more comfortable even with people I don’t know. I went home on Sunday feeling very thankful.



One Comment to “Westward Roving”

  1. Great post! Sound like you all enjoyed yourselves!

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