Corn-fed city

So, one of my Three Sisters gardens is producing an amazing crop of dent corn.

I’m not sure if this is the blue or green dent corn…but either way, it looks like I may have some homegrown cornmeal this winter. Exciting stuff!

The other two weren’t doing well, and I kind of assumed they wouldn’t produce but lo and behold, both have started to tassle and are forming ears.

I can already foresee the vigilant war I’ll have to wage against the squirrels when the corn starts to ripen and dry out.

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, I loved playing in the cornfields. It felt like being in a jungle or something. I was looking at the dent corn and realizing that I had forgotten how tall it grows! Even now that I’m an adult (albeit a short adult) the height that something can grow in just a short season amazes me.


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