‘Tis the Season

For mums and cornstalks and gourds, naturally:


Yesterday, I went over to Bayside Garden Center to pick up some tulip bulbs and seed garlic, and while I’m not usually one to spend money on flowers that are just for a short season, they had really good prices on mums, asters, and ornamental cabbage, so I loaded up. I’m waiting a little while longer to harvest my three Cinderalla pumpkins – I want to decorate with them, but I also want one or two to last long enough for making my own pumpkin puree. I’ve also been harvesting the corn bit by bit, and as after I take the ears off I cut down the stalk, so they’ll be more bundles in the upcoming weeks :).

We’ve had beautiful weather the past week – warm and sunny. As is normal in the fall, I find myself mimicing the squirrels and trying to get everything in order for winter. It’s mostly looked like a lot of cleaning – the poly house, the front porch, the gardens that are done producing…I’m also feeling the urge to go after my closet in a ruthless manner and have a serious decluttering session. More on that later.

Well, the only issue with all of this is that it’s also the season for colds. Neither Jason or I often get sick, but we were on vacation earlier this month and spent many, many hours on planes and buses and trains and I think the result of it was that we came into contact with a bad virus that’s kept us functioning at minimum efficiency for the past week. The fact that I felt good enough to go run errands AND clean the porch all in one day is progress :/. I’m not a fan at all of taking over-the-counter stuff; instead, I’ve been loading up on herbal teas, raw honey, apple cider vinegar, Vitamin C, and LOTS of rest. Even though it’s taking a long time to kick this cold, it’s nice to know that I’m building my body up while I heal instead of messing around with weird-colored syrups and pills. True story: I once cured myself of a 4-month cough that antibiotics, inhalers, and cough syrup hadn’t helped at all by drinking diluted ACV every night.

Anyway, autumn is going to be a season of planning for the garden and I’m excited to share some of those plans! As I start to feel better and have more energy, look for more posts.


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