Service – Home church style

The above image is a photo of a stained glass window in Glasgow Cathedral. There was a whole series of windows based off this passage in Matthew 25. It was the most beautiful part of the cathedral, in my opinion.

We keep things pretty informal in our House Church, but one of our three values is service. As such, we try to dedicate at least one night every couple of months to a service project. We’ve cleaned out an inner city ministry space, served a meal at a men’s homeless shelter, done a food sort at Hunger Task Force, assembled backpacks full of Christmas gifts for foster kids, and I even enlisted everyone to help do some maintenance on the community garden last spring.

Because our group has grown over the past year to almost 20 people, we have decided to break off into smaller groups twice a month for more intimate discussion times. The other two weeks, we all meet together for service, a potluck, or Communion/prayer/worship. We re-did our schedule a little bit earlier this fall and decided to try doing service once a month instead of bi-monthly.  I love this about our house church, but we do have a little bit of difficulty finding projects on a Monday night that can accommodate up to 17 or 18 people.

One of our members had an awesome idea that was perfect for our group. She recently had an uncle that went to prison, and she suggested that we all write letters to him for her to send out one at a time so he would have something to look forward to for awhile. This felt like a very tactile way to live out some of the principles of Matthew 25. We decided to do that, and then write additional letters to friends or family that we’d been thinking of recently.

So we invited everyone up to the North side of the city, put the kettle on for tea, and set up stations all over our house for letter writing. It was a blast. It was really cool to walk through my house and in almost every room find a group of people writing letters to someone in prison. Having this community means so much to Jason and I, and we often feel like some of our favorite times together are when we serve as a group.


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