Backyard Camping

We have some camping plans for the summer, but weren’t quite sure how that was going to work out with a baby. So, to test the waters, we set up our tent in the backyard and slept outside last weekend. I’ll confess that we cheated a little bit; I put Finn to bed in her crib inside at the normal time, and brought the baby monitor outside while Jason and I had a bonfire and grilled out. When we got ready to go to bed, I brought her into the tent and tucked her in with me. I was sort of worried about where exactly she would sleep, but it turned out to be easy enough to share my sleeping bag. She occasionally ends up in our bed if she’s having a rough night, so I’m already comfortable co-sleeping. Plus, it solved the problem of how to keep her warm, as it got down almost in the 40’s that night.

Tent mornings. Finn slept like a champ. #campingwithbabies #babesinthewoods #backyardcamping

Another from this morning.

She slept great, which, obviously, means that we both slept pretty good, too. Turns out that she seemed to really enjoy being in the tent. She kept looking around with wide eyes when we first brought her in, and we ended up playing in there for most of the next day.

Now, let’s hope that the real thing goes just as smoothly!


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