Cheese, Please

Up until about a month ago, Finn was exclusively breastfed. We started letting her try some simple fruits and veggies recently in addition to nursing. Somewhere around her 3-month mark, we realized that any time I had dairy, she had quite a bit of difficulty digesting what came through my milk for days afterward. Lots of throwing up, runny diapers, and general crankiness. So, I did something that’s been really, really difficult for a born-and-bred Wisconsin native to do: I gave up dairy.

It wasn’t hard in everyday life. Neither Boo nor I have regularly used cow milk for anything. He likes soy, I like coconut. And almost all of our recipes could stand some easy substitutions: coconut oil for butter, applesauce for yogurt, and so on. But where it got to be maddening was when it came to “treat” foods – eating out, eating over at friend’s houses, deserts, snacks…I hated being “that person” at get-togethers or restaurants. What’s more, it’s a little convoluted to explain. People ask, “Oh, so you’re allergic to dairy?” and I have to clarify that, no, I’m not, but I’m breastfeeding and we think our baby is at least lactose intolerant and we really don’t want inconsolable bouts of crying/throwing up, so please, allow me to pass on the butter.

Trying out some avocado!

But, I mean, just look at those rolls.

Anyway, I’m optimistic that dairy might not bother her as much anymore. For one thing, she’s spending quite a bit more time sitting up or on her belly, which makes digestion easier overall. Also, she’s had a good variety of fruits and vegetables, and hasn’t reacted negatively to any of them. I’m going to tentatively try re-introducing dairy into my diet again. And, honestly, I’m probably going to start with ice cream.


And then cheese. A dry, aged cheddar cheese. Heck, right now I’d settle for the $2.50 block of pepperjack.

Oh well, soon enough. I’ll probably look back on this time and wonder why it ever seemed like a big deal…right?


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