Who We Are

We are the Smiths. Like the band, though not really.

Mrs. Smith (that’s me!)(not Angelina Jolie)

When your kid develops hardcore separation anxiety in the middle of planting season, a blanket in the grass simply will not do. Thank you Ergo for allowing us to hang out AND get the garden ready. #motherhoodisbadass #ergobaby #thinklikeapioneerwoman

I like plants, my family, a good microbrew, and creativity.

After a decade of paper-pushing in various admin jobs, I left behind the business world to raise our daughter and pursue a degree in Horticulture. When I’m not writing papers and chasing after our frisky child, you’ll find me digging in the garden, fashioning pretty things out of yarn and fabric, writing science fiction novels, and figuring out what it means to be a wife, a neighbor, a mom, and a strong, righteous woman.

Mr. Smith (my husband, Jason)(Way sexier than Brad Pitt)


Mr. Smith likes all things beardly, woodworking, being an imp to his wife and daughter, digging in the dirt, spreadsheets, and the ripe smell of unwashed dog.

Jason is the nuts and bolts of things around here. He is the keeper of the budget, the calm, methodical balance to my impulsive desire for creativity, and the brute strength behind most of our projects. By day, he’s a number wizard who creates magical, elaborate spreadsheets (alright, he’s actually a financial planner). When he’s not otherwise occupied with his desk job, you can find him squirreled away in his basement woodshop, digging holes in the backyard, or playing with the dog/baby/cat/wife. He is a bearded darling of a man, if I may say so myself.

Finavaire (Finn)

It's a beautiful day in Milwaukee.

Our firstborn made a very timely appearance on her due date of November 26, 2014. Aside from providing endless comic relief, Finn helps us remember to slow down in life, and to see the value in doing nothing but being present with one another. Finn enjoys a good meal, chasing the cat and dog, playing Patty-cake, and hamming it up for all of her various aunties and uncles.

Clarice the Cat

Our resident feline was found by my brother, orphaned in a field near the town where I was raised. I had just moved to my first apartment (cats allowed) and so the timing was rather serendipitous. And so began my life of servitude. I’m kidding, sort of. She adopted Jason as her second-place servant when he and I got married a year later. Clarice likes sleeping in the sun, laying on our laps while we’re trying to work, and stalking the birds outside the living room window.

June the Dog

June Bug #littledoginthebigcity

June joined the farm staff in summer 2014. Something along the lines of a Kelpie/Australian Cattle Dog, she was adopted from a local shelter after being relocated from the hill of Kentucky. June dearly loves belly rubs, going for runs, chasing squirrels, licking jeans, and reminding every other dog on the planet that she is the only dog who has a right to exist. She does her very best to be playmates with Clarice, who responds with cold, calculated indifference. She is terrified of Finn, and really, who wouldn’t be? She’s also a dedicated herding dog, and makes sure to do periodic perimeter sweeps in the yard before flopping down to hang out with her humans. Thanks to June, we know all of the kids in the neighborhood and have far less issues with rodents in the garden.


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